For four weeks in the early fall of 2012, the city of Seattle participated in something called the Compassion Games. Kindness Seattle resident Andy Smallman offered to create a special game-like version of one of his popular online kindness classes, the idea being that interested people all over the world could get involved this way.

The game Andy created was built around completing acts of anonymous kindness, one per week. The structure of the game involved Andy posting a “kindness mission” each Friday, having suggested participants imagine they were secret agents who were receiving a secret mission and had a week to complete it. On Tuesday he posted a brief message intended to inspire the secret agents about that week’s mission. And then on Friday he posted a reflection comment about it, before sending out the next week’s mission.

This website is an archived record of that game, made available for anyone who might find any part of it useful. To review it in order, click “Missions” and then select Mission 1. You’ll see links for the inspiration and reflections messages in the toolbar above.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning more about Andy’s ongoing kindness classes, feel free to get in touch with him by writing or visiting his Kind Living website.

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